Friday, July 01, 2005

Lunchtime Conversation At The Fruit And Vege Markets

While I was parked in front of the Royal Gala apples stand a gentleman started up a conversation.
"Do you know what they are charging for these in Woolworths and Coles?"
"About $4" I replied.
He added, "What a ripoff. Do you know why they charge so much?"
"They have different procurement methods" I said, knowing that the Vietnamese owners of the fruit and vege stall grow their own produce in a market garden, whereas Woolworths and Coles buy from growers all over the country and keep their prices pretty much the same country-wide.
"No, it's because of the shareholders" said the gentleman to which I responded "Woolworths only make about a 1% profit over all of the goods that they sell."
"How do you explain the price of pork fillet? Do you know the price of pork fillet?" he asked. Not knowing he then explained that it was $24.99/kg at the big supermarkets and $10/kg at the Vietnamese butchers. I didn't see any point in arguing that Woolworths and Coles had to train apprentices, have to keep to the relevant health regulations, supply meat country-wide, whereas the Vietnamese butcher probably employs family members for below-award wages, health regulations - what health regulations?, etc.

It was at that point that I told him I was a shareholder.

Picky People

Is it just me or are other people annoyed when one person decides that they will pick their beans one by one and block everyone else from getting their own? The guy took close to a minute and a half to finish and before I had even finished he was back for a few more. Surely it is a case of stick your hand in and take however many you need.


Anonymous said...

I hate it when people are sooo inconsiderate of other people around them. Being lunch time it would be extra busy too. I know we are entitled to get good produce as we are paying top dollar, but this is ridiculous. But, how are you to know who is on their lunch break and who is not?

Hammy said...

The older guy looked retired. When I told my missus she thinks she knows who I was talking about. She has experienced it too at the markets. Consideration for others appears to have gone out the windown.