Friday, July 15, 2005

My Wife Is Approaching Senility

The missus seems to be approaching senility rather quickly. The young fella and I have been listening to the greatest hits of Dragon, a Kiwi band that became famous and known as an Aussie band, and he sings along as much as he can. I put some music on last night and Miky said that she couldn't stand it. Instead, she put some classical music on. Then she told me that she has the radio in her car tuned to a classical FM station. I fear that the nursing home isn't too far off.

And she calls classical, music. How is it music? Whenever someone is playing the piano they are just striking the ivories as hard as possible and hitting as many of them in quick succession as possible. And take a look at the composers. No hair on top but they have an extraordinary ability to grow it on the sides of the head.

One piece came on and she asked me if I knew the track. "Of course I do. It's from that car ad," I replied. Hey, I'm the one that own's the classical collection of CDs, all 50-odd of them. Men are collectors. We mightn't listen to it but at least we have a collection.

Personally, I like Holst with The Planets.


Hammysmum said...

Now I know, I really did raise a philistine and a snob, not to mention an ignoramous! There is much more to playing the piano well than just hitting as many keys in quick succession as you can!

Hammy said...

"Yes, well. That's the blinkered philistine pig-ignorance I've come to expect from you non-creative garbage." - Monty Python.

This quote springs to mind from the last comment.

Ben said...

Mark, I remember you can't stand any music I put on: Classical, and country music.

Well, I went to work last Saturday for the first time and I like working on Saturdays because I can listen to my music through the speaker instead of the headphone.

I have to work on Saturdays too now, I have to pay the mortgage now.

Come for to visit my new place next week.

Hammy said...

Will do. Next week some time. Not Saturday.