Thursday, July 21, 2005

What Springs To Mind?

I fielded a phone call from a wholesaler yesterday and was greeted with a "Hi, This is Abdul from So and So in Welshpool."
"Sorry, Abdul was it?"
"Yes, Abdul."

What thought springs to mind? Think what it was before you answer. I want an honest answer here. I'm just trying to fill in some space so that you don't read what I was thinking and cloud your head.

It's not everyday that somebody called Abdul calls me. I'll tell you what I thought - "You don't sound like a terrorist."

Of course I didn't say it. But it was the first thought that entered my mind.


OBeOne CannotBe said...

When can we declare that the war against terrorism is over?
When will there be no situation in the world (e.g. invasion of some country) that can be use as pretext to fuel terrorist recruitment propaganda?
How will we know who is a terrorist and who isn’t so they can be arrested?
How can we stop such strong feelings and ideas that people are willing to die for?
When will the terrorists be satisfied with the way the world is so that they feel they do not need to do any more attacks?

What do we mean by, let’s not change our way of life?
Is that wishful thinking that the attacks will become less frequent and less destructive?
Is that wishful thinking that we won’t be the next victims?
Is that wishful thinking that we trust the government will successfully hunt and stop all the terrorists within a reasonable time period?

Ben said...

Nobody looks or sounds like a terrorist until and after they have blown themselves. Just look at the pictures of London bombers.

ben said...

What is the profile of the new terrorists now?

born in a Western Country
educated in the west
have a job
appear normal
wear western clothes
no history of mental illness
no history of extreme religious activities
have travelled to Pakistan
look like any public transport passenger

lori said...

Born in the same country they attack.

Hammy said...

Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes and are more successful when their activities are clandestine. No point in running around with a "I'm A Terrorist" sticker stuck on your head. You probably wouldn't be taken seriously anyway.