Monday, July 25, 2005

Wanted: London - One Sparky For Electrical Work

It appears that there is now a position vacant in London for an electrician. You obviously don't have to speak English or have the ability to follow instructions. It's just that they are a man short.

So the Bill have used a weapon and it has come complete with disastrous results. Many people felt happy, I assume, late last week when it was announced that a terrorist had been shot. Unfortunately it was the wrong man. People are not feeling quite so happy, confident or proud of their Police Force in London at the moment, I dare say.

As I understand it, the cops were watching a particular suburb and Jean Childs de Menezes lived in that area. Plain clothes policemen followed him and he was running to catch his train. The police ordered him several times to stop but he didn't and they put five bullets into his head from close range.

When you are running to catch a train are you expecting somebody to be asking you to stop? If they are in plain clothes would you expect that they were police? If they pointed guns at you would you feel confident that they meant you no harm?

You can just imagine the radio conversation back to base.

"Sir, I am glad to report that the terrorist is dead."
"What? The APB stipulated that it was a 'tourist', not a terrorist."
"Oh, poop. Damn radio. Transmission isn't too clear."
"Are there any witnesses?"
"Only several dozen. We pumped him full of lead on the train in front of all the passengers."
"Bugger. I guess I'll have to front the media. You two officers will have to be sent on an exchange with the LAPD."

Moral of the story is listen to whatever the screaming men in plain clothes waving guns in your general direction are saying. The British Intelligence agencies need to do a bit more homework before issuing an order to shoot, methinks.

I'm glad I'm not in England at the moment. I have a twitchy eye and I wouldn't want to be suspected of doing anything that I deserve five bullets in the head for.


ben said...

For any Aussie problem we bring the brits (e.g airport security).

I think we need the expertise of the guy who trained those men. The brits are SO much more experienced that us, because we need them to solve our problems.

We badly need to learn from them, and update our law according to theirs.

Anonymous said...

Have I missed something? I thought we were taking our lead from the Yanks! Maybe that is the problem. Even the Brits are following the Yanks example too closely.

Hammy said...

Countries used to enjoy a cross-pollination of ideas. Nowadays it is more along the lines of pollution. Some smart person needs to design a system for handling such issues. Shoot first is not always the best way. Perhaps they should employ Victoria's Tactical Response Group. I don't think they ever get to ask questions.