Friday, July 08, 2005

It Is Now Safe To Resume Wearing Designer Shoes

I make this statement after hearing that a teenager in Brooklyn was murdered for an iPod - and it wasn't his. The iPod belonged to a friend but this kid was killed in the fight over it. Read the article about Steve Jobs calling the father.

Tennis shoes and other valuables were stolen as well but it appears that criminals have changed tack on whom they strike. There was a time when you couldn't go outside your home with designer shoes on for fear of being mugged for them. The iPod is the new designer shoe.

I'm sure that these sorts of robberies and murders will make the headlines for months to come but a few years down the track it may become run-of-the-mill. Normal, if you like. Let's hope not. Let's hope the world wakes up to itself. Kids of this world have a lot of growing up to do and adults need to help them along a hell of a lot better.

I give it two years before we hear of a kid in Australia being killed for an iPod.


Nick Souter said...

It will never happen in Australia Hammy, because all the poor feral kids from the shitty areas of town are the ones who are wearing all the designer labels and latest Ipod with all the payouts they get from the government (for buying schoolbooks and pencils!)

Hammy said...

I was in the city last night, not something I normally do, and the amount of ferals that I saw was frightening. So many losers running around looking scary. Not the sort of people I would want to be hanging around. You see plenty of people around with white earphones though. It is a dead giveaway that they have an iPod.