Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What's Your Local Petrol Price?

There has been much talk about the price of petrol these days, mainly because the price of a barrel of oil has skyrocketed. And there doesn't seem to be a great deal of relief in sight anytime soon.

Eleven years ago I went on a jaunt around the world. I found the price of fuel in different places to be most interesting.

UK - 52.5 pence/litre (equated to A$1.25/litre on the exchange rate at the time)
US - about US$1.19/US gallon (A$0.43/litre)
Aus - about A$0.60/litre
Norway - can't remember how many kronor, about nine I think (A$1.80/litre)

About the cheapest fuel in Perth today is A$1.16/litre with an average around the A$1.20 mark. In Korea it is approaching 2000 Won/litre (nearly A$2.50/litre). I see that from this report that the Yanks are paying about US$2.61/US gallon, which equates to A$0.98/litre. Gee, they're doing it tough.

What is it today in your neighbourhood? Tell me. Please.


ben said...

I am just waiting for spring to start going to work by bicycle. It took me 40 min north of the river, and 30 min south of the river when I did the trip last Saturday.

Leave the car in the garage for a while.

Hammy said...

That'll cut down on your speeding tickets too! You win both ways.

I would have to drop my son off before riding to work and I don't like the idea of being hot, sweaty and buggered without the chance of a shower before starting work. Sounds too much like hard work.

Hammy said...

And besides, I need to drive one car one day and the other the other day to keep them running ok. If you leave the car for two days without using it is runs quite roughly.

Bikes are more for weekend fun. At the moment.

ben said...

Ha! I go faster than the speed limit on my bike... on Curtin campus!

The only concern about using the bike to go to work is what am I going to wear at work? There is no shower available here.

Hammy said...

I'm sure that bike pants, not parts as I just wrote, are not the look in the office at the moment.

ben said...

Would you ride from Wilson to Subie? It's easier from Cloverdale to East Perth.

ben said...

You've been spammed!!!

Hammy said...

Yeah, just deleted the spam. Bastards. Visitor from Hollwood, Florida. May have to do something about that.

Too far to ride the bike from home to work, if I wish to start work on time that is.

ben said...

Could you post something about the traffic condition when you go to work in the morning, like how much time, how busy, etc.

This morning I saw a speed camera in Mayland just after the traffic ligths on Guildford Rd. This is to catch all those who speed to go pass before the light turns red.