Sunday, August 21, 2005

Take That You Carlton Bastards!!

Yes Nick, that means you. I bet your old man and your sister weren't at the 'G to witness a massacre - Essendon 28.14 (182) to Carlton 11.17 (83)

Yeah, I remember copping a bit of stick earlier in the season when we lead by 28 pts at the last change and then were pathetic enough to lose. Not this time round boyo. Apart from some rubbish umpiring we could have won by 120.

Playing for a priority pick were you? Bunch of losers. And the Bombers had only half of their first-pick team. No Fletcher, Rioli, Laycock, McPhee, Peverill, Ramanauskus or Solomon. What on earth would have happened with a full list?

Still reading? I doubt it. Just wanted to stick one up you.

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