Monday, August 01, 2005

Batman Begins - Great Movie

Seeing as we had the weekend to ourselves, not entirely due to circumstances created by ourselves, we decided to watch Batman Begins, which we had been promising ourselves to do. Here's the trailer.

What. a. great. movie.

Mind you, 45 minutes into the movie Yu-Jin, who was sitting behind us, leaned over and said, "When does the Batman movie start?" He was referring to the fact that there was a great deal of build-up and the action didn't start immediately. That's what happens when you have a five minute attention span but at least he did get a long way in before realising that he was bored.

Action scenes were great and the storyline was well written. I wouldn't say that the movie was predictable either.

What was Katie Holmes doing in the movie though? She added absolutely nothing to the movie and I am glad that she hasn't been written into the next one. What does Tom see in her? Why is she the love of his life, apart from himself?

An excellent movie that our whole family enjoyed. It's on at Picadilly Cinema in the city for only A$6 at the moment.


ben said...

I hated all the batman movies, this one was a bit better, but… it’s still not that good.

A microwave device that will vaporise water will also vaporise your blood.
Dialogs that try to explain everything rationally sounds unnatural and too pedantic.

Only the movie critics will love such a movie.

Hammy said...

I felt that the microwave device wouldn't have worked in the manner that it did. And it wouldn't have ended up like it did either.

NewYorkMoments said...

Christian Bale is a hot piece of arse!

Hammy said...

Now, now NYM, settle down. This is a comment that I have heard several times from all sorts of women providing a review of Batman Begins. He has a strange facial shape once he has the mask on but his acting was damn fine. Do you mean to say that you get turned on by men with hair on their head as well? Oh yes, you mentioned Russell Crowe before.

Hammysmum said...

Have you heard what Lauren Bacall said about Tom Cruise's carrying on? She really socked it to him. Said his private life should not be used to sell his latest movie and it is it very poor taste.

Hammy said...

Yep, read the comments from Lauren Bacall. Not too complimentary about Cruise and on the money with Nicole Kidman.

But who really cares anyway?