Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Explosives Discovered In Perth

This is slightly disturbing. My friend Ben, who wants his own blog, posted this in an email. It happened today, in Perth.

check this out

Police disarm explosives found in Perth. 03/08/2005. ABC News Online

What is Perth coming to? Is it trying to shed its image as Dullsville forever? Have fireworks come to the foreshore early this year?


lori said...


that would explain why none of us were allowed to leave the building today at work. I work about 200 meters from where the package was found

ben said...

Lori you have good questions in your blog.

We have to start to be careful in our own town.

tmz_99 said...

ehh, it happens, there are places far worse off then us, but I wouldn't trade the few civil liberties we have left for anything, not that we will get a choice in it *sigh*. The media will over sensionalise it and blame it on terrorists or street racers.. typical perth propaganda..

Hammy said...

Trading is not something we have a choice in, I'll admit that. Those choices are made by others. %he only way to remedy the situation is to become one of the others.

I haven't noticed the media make too much of the fact that explosives were found on our foreshore. But it was mentioned that one person of interest to ASIO, Australia's FBI/CIA unit, was living in Perth after it was revealed that, oh, was it 60 or 3000, people of interest were living in Australia.

ben said...

We would have been on international media had the car blown off and killed.

I get nerveous now when I drive pass an abandoned car on the side of a road, which happens often on Perth roads.

Hammy said...

C'mon Ben. I don't think that we would have made the international media if a bomb had exploded. Maybe Australian media but not international. Get a hold of yourself.