Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Patience of an IT Helpdesk Saint

I must be developing my patience. My mum has been having great problems with her computer as her user account mysteriously disappeared although all of her files were still there. We couldn't back up her files to CD using Nero or Windows. All through this she was getting rather concerned about losing everything that she had done.

Last night I gave the long distance IT helpdesk another try and we tried a system restore. It worked beautifully and we only had to reinstall a couple of programs afterwards.

What a relief. I'm glad that mum managed to get through it all. I'm glad I managed to get through it all. It's like finding patience where you've never found it before. I've been through much the same thing myself and it tested the old brain cells trying to remember the necessary steps, let me tell you.

The new phone came in handy as the battery on the cordless seems to have gone kaput. I was stretching the cable a bit to make the call while seated in front of my computer. Next time I try the long distance IT helpdesk I might get her to let me have remote access. That would be a scary experience.

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