Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another Case Of The Australian Media Thinking That Aussies Are The World's Most Important Species

Helios Airways, or Airless Airways as one of my workmates put it, are under a bit of scrutiny at the moment. Shocking to think that some people were still alive after all of the drama.

Now the Australian media is reporting that three Aussies died. It was pointed out that the father left Australia in 1993 and that his two daughters who perished with him, along with his Cypriot wife, were aged 9 and 10. I'm not sure that they were Australians then. It is more likely than not that they weren't born in Australia. The father was an ex-pat Aussie, this much is true, but did he still consider himself to be Australian?

And there was talk about whether the bodies would be brought back to Adelaide for burial. Well, his two year old son, left orphaned, will be brought up by his grandparents in Cyprus I believe. I don't know why the family would be brought back to Australia as he was probably the only one born here and what is left of the family is in Cyprus.

Another media beatup. The only other mention of nationality of the passengers is that "most of them were Greek Cypriots". Not altogether caring, eh?


Hammysmum said...

Is it just Australia who does this, or do other countries only mention people of their particular nationality? I agree it is a bit dismissive and somewhhat insensetive.

Ben said...

I come from a country where half of the news was local and the other half was what happened elsewhere. In Australia, on commercial TV all the news is about Australia and Australians. Only SBS has a more balanced local and international news.

Hammy said...

I like SBS' news but it is on delay so in summer is 3 hrs behind. The ABC has a lot of local content and the main stories from across the globe.

Google News is good.