Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Boy

School photo time. How come kids never look right for their school photo? Not that I look so great now but my school photos were always horrible. And I had a terrible cow-lick in my hair to contend with. Perhaps my mum could have taken a little more notice of when the photos were to be taken and given me a haircut just prior to the fact. Don't think that it would have made any difference though.

It wasn't until I saw one of Arnie's movies that I realised the haircut that was for me.


Hammysmum said...

Back at you son! I never knew when the school photos were to be taken. I only knew when they had been taken!

Hammysmum said...

Why did Yu-Jin need another hair cut when he got to Korea? It looks short enough.

Hammy said...

Yu-Jin's hair was nearly to his eyes by the time he left for Korea. He really needed the cut.

megha said...

what does 'Yu-Jin' mean ?

Hammy said...

Haven't come up with a Korean meaning yet. We liked the sound of the name and it can be pronounced in both languages, as Eugene in English, so it was ok for both families.

I wanted to call him Jesse, or Jes-si (Emporer Arrow) but my wife wouldn't let me. Wise move.

I'll have to study the Chinese characters and see what Koreans with the name use. I'll let you know.