Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Aliens Landed Overnight

I've uncovered the evidence of an alien landing. It has all the hallmarks of a landing site, i.e. the flattened vegetation, circular nature of the site, etc.

In actual fact I got up this morning and cleared the rest of the sand that had been delivered to the front of the house. Finally. It was a good 45 minutes of exercise and tested the back out after yesterdays golf, from which I have a lovely big blister on my heel after using my new golf shoes. New for the fact that I haven't worn them after winning them 12 years ago. They only lasted about five holes before I changed back to my sneakers.

What else did I get up to this morning? Oh yeah, transplanted the hibiscus, as the missus requested, but I feel that it will die. My mate Bill said that the hibiscus is not an ideal plant for transplantation once it is established. I'll give it a bit of extra loving care for the next week or so.

I also pruned the black berry tree out the front of the place. And by pruned I mean cut the hell out of it. Pruning generally means that the plant is placed close to death. At least when I do it.

I even went to the trouble of removing the silicone around the benchtops, sanded same benchtops and then oiled benchtops for a better finish and to combat mould. That tong oil has a bit of smell to it so I left the fan going for a few hours.

It's taken a couple of weeks but I have decided to get off my arse and do a bit around the house.

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