Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Goodies Return To The Screen

In my childhood (was it that long ago since I was a child?) one of my favourite shows, along with Dr Who, was The Goodies. Years and years have passed by and the occasional interesting item, such as "Where is Bill Oddie now?", has emerged in the media, but nothing substantial.

My mum sent me a DVD of The Goodies which I received yesterday. I watched two episodes with Yu-Jin last night and he cracked up laughing. Perhaps it isn't as funny to me these days as I have outgrown some of the humour but he wanted to watch the whole thing. And first thing this morning he wanted to continue watching where he left off. I don't think that I have the episode "Kitten Kong" but it is still an enjoyable show to watch together. I guess once he leaves on Saturday I won't be able to watch it by myself. It may be dated but it is great to be able to relive some of my childhood and do so with my son.

I did notice that it was rated for 15 year olds!! That doesn't make sense as it was staple TV for all schoolkids back in the 70's and 80's.

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Hammysmum said...

Glad you boys, er, fellas, are enjoying the DVD.