Saturday, August 06, 2005

Gee, It's Quiet Now That They've Gone

The plane should be taxiing on the runway as I type this. And boy, is our house quiet. I'm really glad that we had the extra week together as we did things together that we should have done all of the time but let the pressures of life get to us and hold us back.

Last night we went to watch Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I rang Miky at lunchtime and asked her if she wanted to meet me at the cinema after work. She wasn't sure if she wanted to watch it and so asked Yu-Jin if he wanted to go. She received a resounding "Yes" and so we went. I had reservations about taking Miky to watch it as I didn't think that she would enjoy it. I shouldn't have worried. It was a very enjoyable movie for the family to watch. The acting on an emotional level was poor, some of the fighting was not flash but the build up to the finish was great - a very strong storyline to complete the prequel series. I give it three to three and a half out of five.

I've just raced outside to wave goodbye to the plane as it flew overhead. Our house is directly under the flightpath and it isn't too difficult to pick out the colours of Malaysia Airlines. Gosh, four months before seeing them again is going to feel like such a long time.

I told Miky yesterday to not have any plans for today, Saturday, as the day would fill itself up. After breakfast we went for a walk down to the Castledare Miniature Railway and then to the Kent St Weir and playground. Then we went to the Chi Restaurant in Vic Park for lunch. We got home about 15 minutes before we were due to leave for the airport and everyone had a shower. I left all of the packing up to the missus so that any problem was her problem (I don't like the blame game). So, we ended up leaving 30 minutes late for the airport but luckily we only live 15 minutes drive away. Checked them in and only had 20 minutes before they had to go through immigration and board the flight.

No tears this time. Plenty of feeling and emotion though. Yu-Jin kept hugging and kissing me and telling me how much he would mss me. He's so grown up and excited about travelling. Miky wants to go but knows what to expect and doesn't quite have the same enthusiam but is very glad to go.

Oh well, I'll see them in four months, as I said.

Dropped in to Woolies to do my shopping before I came home. Bought chocolates, chips, ice cream, snags and soft drink. I don't think that guilt will set in for a few weeks yet. He he.


Hammysmum said...

Why feel guilty at all? It's not as though you do it all the time.

ben said...

4 months away, well you will now feel what I felt when my wife and kids went for 3 months last November to Jan.

My little one was 6 months when she left the child restraint was in the reclined position. When I went to pick them at the airport, she was 9 months and I put the child restraint in the reclined position: it should have been in the sitting position. My 9 months daughter did not like her trip from the airport home at all.

You could start cleanning and rearranging the house to your taste now!

Hammysmum said...

I dare you!!

Hammy said...

Once the new shed is up I will be rearranging things markedly. Ok, it'll just be the crap being put outside in the shed more than anything.