Thursday, August 11, 2005

One Of My Pet Peeves

Thursday night. Late night shopping. Grab the stuff you need. Wait in a queue. Wait in a queue for 10 minutes - for only one shopper in front of you. I hate people that buy their vegetables at the supermarket. Fifty three bags of different items, each to be weighed, and the checkout chick, who has obviously lost her "I'm only a trainee, please forgive me for being so slow" badge, doesn't know what half of the vegetables are. If I hear your till beep at you one more time because you have entered the wrong code I may go supermarketal.

I set everything up nicely. I partition my groceries. I remove the partition once all of the groceries of the lady in front have been scanned. Checkout chick then asks if my groceries belong to the lady in front of me. Bloody hell. I'm thinking, "That's 10 minutes of my life that I won't be getting back."

During this tirade that I kept internal I come to the realisation that the lady in front who infuriates me by having the audicity to purchase her vegetables at the supermarket and ruin my life is actually purchasing her vegetables in the supermarket that I have shares in. A sense of calm overcomes me. Killing tendencies subside. Mmmm, dividends.


gleek said...

where else are you supposed to buy your vegetables? in the US, unless you live close to a farmer's market, the supermarket is the only place to buy veggies.

Hammy said...

We have a few dedicated markets in Perth - namely Freo, Midland, Subiaco, Wangara, and a couple of others. I find that the fruit and veges from the market are a great deal cheaper than the major supermarkets and of a superior quality to those in the minor supermarkets.