Sunday, August 21, 2005

What A Lovely Day For Golf

Who'd have thought that the middle of winter was a perfect time to be playing golf? The temperature reached 17.8 degrees and it was bright and sunny. I rang Collier Park Golf Course to see if there was a threesome I could join. They told me when I should pop down. It cost $25 for 18 holes which is getting up there but I rang Burswood Park Golf Course and they cost $30 for 18 and there is a two week waiting list!!

The Pines 7th

They teamed me up with Nor, JJ and Sharil, a family of golfing regulars from Malaysia. That made me feel a bit nervous as I haven't played for about nine months. My first tee shot was straight down the fairway and went 200m. I can tell you that I have never putted so well and would say that only one putt, a steep downhill putt, went more than two feet past the hole. Which was a good thing as the rest of my game was crap. What stonkered me was the inability to get off the tee as I shanked all but about four tee shots. I even hit myself with the ball on one occasion which attracted a two stroke penalty. But, get this, when the ball was in the rough and I took the three wood to it, I managed several beautiful shots. I can't understand it.

Started off the front nine three over par after four holes. On the next hole I took 11 shots to get on and then only one putt. There were times that I wanted to break my woods it was so frustrating. Scored two pars, eight bogeys and eight "others" with my worst being a septuple bogey. Guess it wasn't so bad as I only had four putts as a warm-up.

The Malaysians were quite funny. The son has a beautiful swing and could play off single figures if he put his mind to it. The dad chipped in for a birdie on the first hole and the mum played very steady and straight golf all day. Sitting down following the match they were almost bickering about money. It turns out that they had been playing for money the whole time. The winner was calculated on Stableford points and best scores for each nine. I hadn't realised that they were so serious about their golf.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable day and I will book for next weekend and we will all meet up again. Have to bring my A-game with me. Should be much better for the hitout yesterday. Don't feel too stiff today in actual fact.

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