Thursday, August 18, 2005

Suck The Big One Idiot

Out for my walk this morning. Yes, I'm reasonably well behaved while the missus is away. On the way back I was approaching an intersection and I saw some yobbo in his Holden ute with a broken tail light hoon off when the lights changed. And he was giving it to him. Then there was some bloke racing after him. All in front of the cop shop on Albany Highway.

Shaking my head in disbelief. These idiots never get caught. About 300m down the road I heard a siren. The car following the idiot was an undercover cop and he pulled him over and booked him. I jogged down to where they were to tell the cop "well done" but he had finished by the time I got there. Our police are given the credit that they deserve.

Brightened my morning up.

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ben said...

What's the difference between habitual offenders and occasional offenders on the road?

Habitual offenders never get caught, and do not change when they do.

Occasional offenders feel unlucky to get caught.