Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lobby Groups In China Need A Greater Voice

It is with concern that I note lobby groups in China are decidedly lacking in power. Where is the voice of question when it comes to the greeting card industry? A large market has been destroyed by the Commies.

In China you won't see these types of cards:

Get Well Soon - Uncle
Bon Voyage - Aunty
Happy 18th - Brother
Congratulations on Your Wedding - Sister
Hope That Hip Mends Soon - Great-Aunt
Merry Christmas - Third Cousin once removed

I'm surprised that Hallmark aren't up in arms over this. It is the backbone of their industry, their bread and butter. And who is going to stand up to the Commies? Well, obviously no-one.


megha said...

who/what are the commies?

Hammy said...

Sorry - the Communists.

megha said...

ah :) makes them sound cute, almost.

ben said...

Welcome to Australian Slangs