Thursday, August 11, 2005

Is This The New Way Of Conducting Sales?

I got home tonight after work and discovered a message on my answering machine.
"Hello, I'm So and So from So and So Real Estate Company. We have a house for sale for $309,500 and were wondering if you knew of anybody, or if you were interested yourself, in buying this property. If you know anybody could you please call me, So and So from So and So Real Estate Company, on Such and Such a number."

Yeah, right. I'm going to sell a house for you. You want me to do my job for you? What's in it for me? Somehow I don't think that I'll be wasting my 25 cents on returning his call.

Gimme a break.


Anonymous said...

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Hammy said...

Why thanks Anonymous - I'll take that as a compliment.

I checked out the link without keeping in mind that it was a "bad" credit mortgage refinance site so I had an open mind on what to expect.

Didn't agree with most of what they stated. Ok, Australia has a different higher education system and scholarships are almost unheard of. We have a Higher Education Contributions Scheme (HECS) whereby you can almost go to university for free but have to make repayments once your income following your degree hits about the A$32000 mark.

Never borrow money against your house for a holiday.

Never purchase a dream car with your home loan. "Buy the car of your dreams" and No need to worry about haggling with the dealer- what a crock. You spend your life saving for everything to blow it on a car? Ridiculous suggestion.

Renovation - maybe.

Consolidate bills - only if you have the ability to pay them back quickly. Borrowing a lot of money over a longer period means greater total repayments.

Sounds like this finance expert is a shyster like the real estate guy that sold my mate Ben his home. They just want more of your money.