Sunday, August 07, 2005

Miky And Yu-Jin Are Safe And Well

I spoke to Miky tonight. She didn't get any sleep on the way over and was very tired. Yu-Jin behaved himself very well on the plane but didn't get a lot of sleep. They didn't have any touble coming through Immigration. They took a bus to Seoul and then caught the KTX to Busan. Korean and English info. It travels at up to 300 km/h but Yu-Jin said that it wasn't as fast as he had expected and he was a little disappointed. There's no pleasing some people.

Miky's sister's ferry from the island of Geo Je-do broke down so she was a bit late to pick them up. Miky got to catch up with one of her friends in the meantime and Yu-Jin enjoyed the attention that she gave him. Once on the island Yu-Jin got along with his cousin Ye-rim very well. I think that he will have a good time. Apparently he got a fair amount of attention from girls around the place.

I spent the day pulling my old shed down in readiness for the erection of my new shed which is scheduled for tomorrow. Didn't get as much done as I wished too, didn't even buy a paper, but enjoyed the day anyway. I hate a very late breakfast and tea at the normal time. Hopefully I'll get around to more than two meals per day on the weekends. Good to watch a bit of footy and listen to some more while woking outside. If I didn't have to pull the shed down I would have been playing golf instead as it was a marvellous day.


ben said...

Nothing seems fast enough when you are a passenger, and have been influenced by movies like star wars and video games.

However if you have experienced an accident, you start to fear speed.

Hammysmum said...

Am so glad they had no trouble getting through immigration, and they are safe.
I am sure you will keep us posted.

Hammy said...

I think you are dead right, Ben. I fell off my motorbike three days after getting my licence by trying to brake on a rocky track on a mate's farm. Since then I have been very careful when riding on sand or pebbles as before I ddn't have too much fear.

Hammysmum said...

As I recall, the track was pretty 'greasy' as it had been raining.

Hammy said...

Track wasn't greasy at all - I couldn't brake on top of rocks and handle the bike. It is an acquired talent.