Thursday, August 11, 2005

Australia vs China - Four Nations Tournament at Challenge Stadium

Last night I went out to enjoy myself. They were having a basketball tournament involving Australia, China, New Zealand and Lithuania at Challenge Stadium, which is situated only a few kilometres down the road from where I work. So I made my way out there and even paid for parking. I had noticed that the tickets for the night before were only $15 for any seat and hoping it would be the same for last night. Tried to check online but all of the computers across the country that took bookings were down and so didn't work.

I picked up a ticket for $23.85 which was standing room only. No cameras are allowed at the venue, which really pisses me off. The announcer kept mentioning no flash photography so I took a few pics. I did get told that no cameras were allowed. The Chinese bloke next to me kept taking photos anyway.

Although the photos don't show it, the place was nearly packed for the second game - Australia vs China. I was actually able to sit down for over half of the first match before the people with tickets came to claim their seats. One of the ushers told me to sit anywhere as I liked as it was nothing like a sellout. Hey, I could only purchase standing room tickets. There were certainly some tall people in the crowd.

My back is killing me today after standing for over three hours. It was a bit disappointing that Yao Ming wasn't on the team for China. Anyway, the Aussies knocked hell out of them 89-50. China, even though they looked so smooth in the warm up, weren't not too good with a bit of pressure come game time.

Not a great photo as it looks like the players were running as fast as Superman. That's what happens with zoom in a dimly lit situation with a digital camera. Takes a while to take the shot.

There was an interesting situation in the New Zealand vs Lithuania match when one of the Kiwis attempted a slam dunk which rimmed-out and as he was still hanging onto the ring he grabbed the rebound and slammed it home. Unfortunately that manoeuvre is outlawed so the basket didn't count.

There were a few scuffles and elbows were thrown, from both sides, during the Aussie/China match. Bit of feeling out there but the Chinese didn't fight out the game.

Forgot to add a few of the players' names.




Hu Yu
Wai Mee
Hu Da Man
No Pu
O No
Ya Hu
Flai Gai

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