Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Had A Good Yack On The Blower This Evening

The new phonecard works fairly well. I'm astounded at the quality of the line given that I am paying only 0.5 cents/min to ring my wife. My half hour phone call cost all of 75 cents, due to a 59 cents connection fee. Hell, I would struggle to be able to ring a mobile phone in Australia for 75 cents for two minutes. It's fine as long as I can talk for over 20 minutes. Some people may say that I have the gift of the gab and restricting myself to 20 minutes would be the difficult part. Those people may be right.

Anyway, the missus starts a job teaching English grammar tomorrow. Rather ironic I think as many a time she has been fed up with speaking English in Australia. You can't please some people. She therefore wants me to plan my trip over to Korea and book my tickets, preferably for January so we can get some time together. If she has to work all the time I am there it kind of defeats the purpose of going.

Guess I had better do some study online then.

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