Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I've Had Enough Of Spammers

Sorry folks but I've had enough of spammers leaving comments on my site. If you wish to leave a comment you are most welcome but you will have to look at a picture of some letters and type that in a text box for verfication purposes. Then I don't have to go about deleting the comments and emails that they generate.


Ben said...

Nothing is happening much on my blog, I am too busy to write, but I would like to know how you implemented the picture letters below.

Hammy said...


Go to your Blogger Dashboard/Settings/Comments and set the "Show word verification for comments?" radio button to "yes".

lori said...

what if i am like.. dyslexic.. a total bitch trying to read stuff on your comment stuff then

Hammy said...

Sorry Lori. The amount of spam coming was quite noticeable and not welcome. I don't have a better option at the moment.

If you are dyslexic then you may even recognise the person's name that they use to verify the comment. The word verification for my comment now ends with "kgb". I wonder if there is a subliminal meaning behind that.