Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My First Batch Of Homemade Kim Chee

In the nearly eight years that I have been married I have never been shown how to make kim chee. I'm sure that Miky wishes to keep the secret from me. It's funny you know, she complains that I can't cook and then when I ask she doesn't want to tell me. Women, can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em.

Anyway, she cut up a chinese cabbage before she left and salted it. Didn't even wash the thing which shocked me. She went about creating a fish sauce and chili powder mix for the fermenting that needs to take place. Then she gave me the instructions about draining and washing before applying the pasty mix that makes it so spicy.

A couple of days later and there you have it. Call me gutless but I didn't want to eat it by itself for the first time. I chucked a bit in my spaghetti bolognese that I cooked up tonight for tea. Pretty hot stuff but edible and I enjoyed it. Wish me luck in building up the courage to eat it on its own. It certainly looks a bit more firey than I'm used to eating.

In all the build up to them leaving I didn't consider too much that I would miss the kim chee enormously. How my tastes have changed for the better since getting married. Well, I didn't have salt or pepper before when I was single. What a waste of money!!


ben said...

When my wife and kids left for 3 months, I started to go to gym. When they came back the frequency of going to gym drop to zero within weeks. I haven't been to the gym for months now.

Will you consider going to the gym or do some sport now that you are on your own?

Hammy said...

I am considering playing golf at every available moment but I'm afraid last weekend was full. Probably this Saturday. Golf is definitely a sport. My return to squash met with more than the odd setback.

The missus said that she was going to buy me a membership at a gym but I'm sure that she would make me feel guilty for going and leaving them at home. I told her this and so not to waste her money. The gym is off the agenda.

Hammysmum said...

Go with the golf. It is probably just as good a work out, and less strenuous, and less life threatening! Also, easier on the pocket I daresay.

Hammy said...

Golf's not cheaper than squash if I manage to stay away from the physio. The cost of a physio is certainly not cheap.