Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Not A Lot Going On Here

As I said, not much doing. Rang the missus last night as I knew she would be back from her day and a half trip back to her hometown. Her spirits certainly sounded lifted.

Used up all of my expensive phonecard, from Optus, as my Shout! card wouldn't connect. Then I made the call to Shout! to find out what was happening. The customer service operator couldn't get it to work also. He noticed that all of my calls on the card had been placed through Optus, as it turned out. Finally he said that he would transfer my credit to a different card, Ozcall, and I agreed. All done.

Go to make a phone call with my new "card" (it's not real, just a dial-in code and a PIN) and it says that I have no credit. Not amused. Get put through to customer service and waited 13 minutes to talk to somebody. The same guy that I spoke to before as it happens. He said that the credit had gone through six minutes ago. Seeing as my old card was cancelled immediately I thought that I would be able to use the new card straight away. Wrong. Try again tomorrow. Not pleased with making a 20 minute call and then spending the next hour talking with, or waiting for, customer service.

I suppose a couple of things did happen. My mum's computer buggered up again. She's calling in the professionals this time.

Rang my best man only to find his phone disconnected. Rang his mum and she said that he and his family had moved and had a new phone number. As it was he was still in China and wouldn't be back until Thursday anyway. Had a nice old chat. Check out his mum's gallery. She is a talented artist.


NewYorkMoments said...

This is why I stay single. My life is so much more exciting than yours.

Hammysmum said...

How can you tell, newyorkmoments?