Saturday, August 06, 2005

And They're Off - Safe And Sound

Miky and Yu-Jin got away safely this afternoon. Well, I haven't heard otherwise.

One good thing about going to the airport is the plethora of people to take your family's photo. We don't get together enough for family photos.

Me an' the boy.

Yu-Jin acted as the official photographer for this photo of the parents.

Nice pic of mum and son while in the waiting lounge prior to departure.

And Yu-Jin is off. He can't wait to get on that plane and head off to Korea. He was pretty happy about going.

The last photo that I took of them as they depart from Perth's International Airport.

What did I do after they departed? Watched some cricket, listened to the footy and then headed off to watch Perth Glory beat Newcastle Jets 2-1 at Members Equity Stadium. Get this - you can even buy a wood-fired pizza at the ground during the game!

Bobby Despotovski scored a reasonably well-earned penalty (not by him) before some poor defending (Glory trademark, I'm afraid) allowed Newcastle to get a goal. In the second half the Glory had a free kick just outside the box and I tried to get my camera warmed up to take a video. The camera started just after the ball had struck the back of the net following a fabulous kick from Despotovski. C'mon Glory.

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Hammysmum said...

You're certainly not going to sit at home and mope, are you? No wonder I couldn't get you when I rang last night!