Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Win For The Frugal Bastard - And The Red Cross

A couple of weeks ago I bought some concrete slabs as pavers. They cost $4.58 at Bunnings, who advertise "lowest prices everyday", and cost me $70 to deliver. Originally they quoted me $66 to deliver and when I bought them it was $40 delivery and $30 extra as no-one would be there to help unload. I bought 80 of the buggers and they weigh 30-35 kilos each.

Yesterday I had to get some brickies' sand and luckily the place I got them from had courtesy trailers. They also sold concrete slabs, the same size, for $4.10. That didn't make me feel too happy and so I grabbed one of their business cards.

Later on I had to go to Bunnings again and took along my original receipt for the slabs. They had the army or army reserve outside collecting donations for the Red Cross. I explained that I didn't have any change as I entered the shop and this was true.

Bunnings not only matched the price of the slabs when asked but also beat the price by 10%. They did ring first so as to get a quotation themselves to show that I wasn't bullshitting them. It meant that they gave me $71.40 back. And didn't that make this Frugal Bastard happy?!

I still didn't have any change for the Red Cross but asked them if they had change for a $20 note. It's not as if I wanted to give any more than $10. I was hoping that I had a $5 note but it was not to be.

Everyone is a winner when FB is happy.

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