Tuesday, March 15, 2005

How Fast Does Your Wheelbarrow Go?

Doing the paving work over the weekend required the tyre on the wheelbarrow to be pumped up. I must say, the person who designed the valve placement needs to be shot as I couldn't get the connection on to pump it up properly. It took far longer than was necessary.

Anyway, I noticed printed on the wheel was the inscription "not for highway use" but the next line of writing was "rated at 210 km/h". Zounds! I don't know where I am going to be able to drive my wheelbarrow, capable of 210 km/h, without doing too much damage to the surrounds. Not enough room to get up speed in the backyard and I can't see myself taking it to the dragstrip.

Broken Arms Are All The Rage

First it was Yu-Jin, closely followed by Matthew Lloyd, and now it was Mrs Bennett's turn. Mrs Bennett is Yu-Jin's pre-primary teacher and she was showing the children yesterday how to use the monkey bars. She did about four or five rungs and fell off and broke her arm. Yu-Jin said that all the kids laughed because it was so funny.

Now he can tell her that she needs to drink lots of milk. It must have been a sight.

Hollywood Ratings System

You know when you see a movie and it says "based on a true story" or "based on actual events" that there is going to be a fair amount of bulldust involved, if it comes from Hollywood. How about a new ratings system that lets you know how real the movie is?

Loosely based on a true story/actual events - not too much scriptwriting involved.
Very loosely based on a true story/actual events - not very close to the truth.
Idea based on a true story/actual events - we had to pay someone for the idea.
Based on a true story/actual events - the story was too boring for American audiences, or too high brow, so we had to get it spruced up a bit. Actually it is a crock.

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