Friday, March 04, 2005

Shame File Number 4

Bloody nitwit this guy. Same intersection as the last one - Leach Highway offramp and Centenarary Ave. I'm waiting at the lights and saw them change with traffic a good fifty metres back. This idiot with a Shannon Noll-type goatee/scruffy patch driving a white Holden Barina, at 7:43 am, with the registration 8PO-240, decided to put his foot down. Our lights changed to green before he entered the intersection. Not a care in the world. He did another stupid overtaking/pushing in manoeuvre so that he would get to Curtin Uni by 8 o'clock I guess. Another one of these students that just isn't prepared for the first class of the day. Perhaps I'm generalising but I've seen uni students come and I've seen them go. Very few of the 8 o'clock class members have the right attitude to be there at that time.

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