Sunday, March 13, 2005

Foreboding Lyrics

Yesterday one of the local radio stations played Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. It is, IMHO, one of his finest songs. But some of the lyrics has proven to be very foretelling:

"Daddy always told me
'Be careful who you love' "

Never a truer word has been spoken.

It doesn't matter if MJ did some kiddy fiddling or not. The fact that he seems to have plied these kids with alcohol and porn magazines is enough to show that he shouldn't be allowed near children. His actions are quite inappropriate.

What's The Difference Between Mark Jackson And Michael Jackson?

One made money out of being a wacko and the other is loosing money because of being a wacko.

Passing Football Thoughts

First Yu-Jin and now Lloydy. It must be becoming fashionable for the ones I love to break their arms.

I heard a rumour that Dermott Brereton is going to be the host of the TV gameshow Sale of the Century when it restarts. Now that's a poor choice. Old Dermie will be too busy checking out the models and the cars to ask the questions seriously. And, from what I have noticed on Friday night football on Channel 9, half of the questions will probably relate to how good Eddie Maguire is.

The Melbourne Demons will be able to take any uncontracted player to replace Troy Broadbridge who was swept away in the Asian Tsunami. I hope that the replacement player can swim.

They used to say "No Carey, no North". I wonder if it is a case of "No Broadbridge, no Melbourne".

When Melbourne is playing badly this season I wonder who is going to be the first insensitive commentator to mention that "They look all at sea" or "They're all washed up"?

The best tactic to use against Melbourne to stop them from scoring would be flooding, I'm guessing..

Perhaps Melbourne won't be spending too much time down at the beach for some early morning swimming/fitness exercises.

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