Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Paving Is Done

She's been a fair bit of hard slog but it looks great. Bill has helped me do the paving - in fact he put all of the paving down. I've just helped by getting rid of all the grass and getting the sand for the job. Been a bit useless for the last couple of weekends as I haven't been allowed to do any work. And we could have had the job done yesterday if we hadn't run out of sand. Needed to grab an extra trailer load this morning.

Bill's done a great job. It looks fabulous and now I need to buy a BBQ and a table tennis table. Next will be some sort of outdoor setting, perhaps some sails, who knows what else?

First side run

Just starting the paving on the side

Halfway done on the side

The side is all done

The back before we started

Just after I'd dug up all of the grass at the back

Underway out the back

Just about there - ran out of sand

Yu-Jin helping to unload the trailer

Finished out the back


Hammysmum said...

The paving looks fabulous! So does the sewing room addition.

lori said...

very noice there hammy! very noice indeed!