Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I Don't Have A Problem ...

I don't have a problem with flatulence. But everyone else does.

Are TV Dinners Keeping Pace With Technology?

Americans are particularly talented at creating this to make themselves lazier. Following the invention of the TV they created the TV dinner - a pre-prepared frozen meal that is heated in the microwave before consumption. That way you wouldn't have to spend an hour in the kitchen preparing your meal and wouldn't have to miss any of your shows on TV.

But is the TV dinner keeping pace with technology? The humble TV has grown from a 34cm screen to 51cm, then 68cm, then 80cm, followed by the flat screen and now the widescreen. Heck, you can even get a thin TV to mount on the wall. Has the TV dinner changed in any way to accommodate that which it is named for?

I think that a little more innovation is called for.

Updated Cliché

Remember the old cliché -
Shoot first and ask questions later?

Perhaps it is time for an update and it should be more along the lines of -
Shoot straight and there is no need to ask questions.

The Power Of The Mouse

Miky was doing some gardening when I got home from work last night. She's been digging out all of the grass surrounding the trees in our backyard, mainly to remove the onion grass, and she wanted to put compost around them. We have had a compost bin for two years or more and not once have we put compost on the garden. So, she moved the bin and started digging into the compost when a mouse popped out. She didn't see this one but when she saw the second one she was so frightened that while she shrieked she jumped backwards and almost went through the chicken wire fence alongside the shed. It was hilarious and would've been great for Australia's Funniest Home Video Show.

I managed to kill two mice but at least one, possibly two, escaped. I can't believe that they were living in amongst all of that rotten material. Yech!

Does The Post Office Receive Commissions For The Number Of Postcodes?

I had to post some stuff to my mum yesterday. Went for a wander at lunchtime to Subiaco Post Office and grabbed an airnight bag and a heavy duty bag. The girl at the counter wanted to know where it was going. I said that it was headed to Bordertown and she wanted to know how to spell it. Then she asked me, "Is that Bordertown or Bordertown South?"
My reply was along the lines of, "Bordertown isn't big enough to have a Bordertown South."

Maybe they get a commission for the number of places that have postcodes. Perhaps that is why private post boxes have a different postcode in Western Australia. I haven't been able to work that out before.

Al-Qaida Celebrity Kidnapping

What are Al-Qaida thinking? I heard yesterday that they planned to kidnap Hollywood actors to attack the cultural fabric of the USA. Give us a break.

Just who are the people on the list of intended kidnap victims? Would they be doing us a favour by removing some of the people? Is anyone going to miss Nicole Kidman if she is kidnapped? Take Roseanne, Oprah, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude van Damme, Julia Roberts, anybody from Friends or Will and Grace. Please. Can we send a list of people to Al-Qaida.

The cultural fabric of the USA indeed.

Korean Chopsticks Are Good For Brain Development

Miky was telling me last night that Korean chopsticks are good for stimulating development of the brain. They promote deft skill and mobility using small instruments and this is very useful in the world of invitro fertilisation (IVF). Apparently, where an American doctor can get 10 eggs or sperm, not sure which, into a test tube, the Korean doctor can get 100 due to skills learnt from using Korean chopsticks.

Why aren't Americans more intelligent? They seem to eat a lot of Chinese takeaway with chopsticks.

However, Chinese chopsticks are very thick by design whereas Korean chopsticks are thin and metallic. I can eat using Korean chopsticks faster than Miky so what does that say about our intelligence. I didn't grow up with them either. I can eat almost as quickly with them in my left hand.

Miky is encouraging Yu-Jin to eat with chopsticks. It will certainly refine his motor skills and I believe that it is a good idea. Just as long as he doesn't starve in the meantime. He is a bit like his father though. As soon as he successfully lifts something with the chopsticks he has to show it off to all around.

Fashion Label

Does anybody have an idea what Miky should call her fashion label? Something catchy, something new. There's no lingerie included therefore "Miky's Secrets" is out of the question. Thanks for the suggestion Asher.

I posted some skirts and dresses about a week ago. Scroll down to have a look.

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Yes, mister smarty, there is a Bordertown South! It may only be a telephone exchange, & I may be being pedantic, but it does exist.