Sunday, March 27, 2005

Wacky Weddings

Miky and I watched a show on the telly the other night called "Wacky Weddings 2" which was all about American weddings that had gone wrong. Things like the jilted lover standing up and emptying the church because she had something to say and another couple having the tourist island they were about to get married in being destroyed by a hurricane.

Probably the best wedding was the couple who tied the know and went to stay in a lighthouse for their wedding night. They could see orange cirles on the road outside the lighthouse. There had been a gun battle involving a police officer the day before and they were marking the spent casings. The couple were questioned about their whereabouts and what they had seen. The bride tried to do some washing and the washing machine broke down and spilt water all over the floor. It rained that night and a leak came into the bedroom just above their bed. The next day a friend called to say that they had to visit the minister who had performed the ceremony - something was amiss and they hadn't been legally married so they went through the ceremony again. The next day they went jet skiing and ended up three miles off the coast where they fell off and couldn't get back on. Upon waving to any passing ships they received some friendly waves - no rescue. Finally somebody rescued them and towed them back to shore. Following that they went home.

Now, the presenter said that they had "Been blessed with a wonderful marriage". I hate the use of the word "blessed" when it comes to marriage. Blessed has nothing to do with it. You and your spouse make the effort to make a marriage work. Nothing more, nothing less.

I thought about how jinxed this couple were then I remembered our wedding. Firstly, Nick Souter, my best man was almost late for the wedding. He missed his plane in fact. Partly my fault, but not totally.
Then one of my best friends missed the wedding as the guy giving him a ride rang the next morning and asked what time he should pick him up.
Next, two of our friends missed the reception as they were involved in a car accident and as she was seven months pregnant they had to stay in hospital for observation for the next six hours.
After the wedding we went to our Federation-stay hotel and found that it was double-booked. A couple who had booked for 10 days stay had decided to come a day early and had already checked in. The hotel owners knew that they were coming but got the day mixed up and booked them in. They had to put us up in the honeymoon suite at the Hotel Esplanade - excellent.
And finally, the bridesmaid, who travelled all the way from Korea, joined us on Rottnest Island for a bike ride around the island where she slammed into a wall and broke her arm. Actually, as Mi-ja had signed our wedding certificate using Korean script she had to resign it - perhaps we weren't legally married either until she had done so.

Who's wedding was the most jinxed?

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