Monday, March 21, 2005

Not Good News From The Physio

Dr Cleary wasn't happy at all when he saw my leg today. It has been bleeding since I last saw him and there was nothing he could do for me tonight. For the next five days I have to keep my leg elevated, at least when I'm home, and iced, including when I'm at work. I shouldn't really be driving and climbing stairs isn't a good idea either.

On the bright side I should be able to do some swimming next week and that will enable me to get into shape to head back to squash.


James said...

Aren't you listening to what your body is telliing you Hammy? It's sounds like it is yelling "I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS"
Don't ya think?

Hammy said...

The body is weak, however, the mind is a strong as..., er, um, something.

Nick Souter said...

psycho-sematic neurosis I think it's called (I probably spelt it wrong). regrets and unfulfilled goals creep up on you almost as fast as old age itself. Yes, Dear Ham, that Champion of Champions trophy is still there playing tricks on your mind! Let it go man, take a deep breath and just let it go... Relax man, squash is just a game (some of us are just better at it than others!)

Hammy said...

You are going down boy. Wait 'til I see you again. Thems fightin' words.