Monday, March 07, 2005

Another Telco

A few nights ago I received a phone call from Southern Cross Telco. The Indian, I believe, lady on the other end starting spruiking and telling me that there were wonderful savings to be made by using them and that any customer connected with AAPT, Telstra, Optus or Primus could use them. Was it correct that I was connected with one of those carriers? Even though I said I wasn't she kept rabbiting on.

If I spent $90-$95 per month I would make great savings by connecting to Southern Cross Telco. Did I spend $90-$95 per month? Once again I said no.

It didn't matter what I told her, she just didn't listen. Finally I told her that if the quality of her phone lines was as bad as the one she was calling me on, she didn't stand a hope. The call obviously eminated from the sub-continent and the quality of the line was appalling.

This Frugal Bastard wouldn't be saving any money by using their services. Incidentally, a Telstra representative came around the other night trying to sign me up to Telstra for my landline, gave me a bit of a lecture because I didn't have a mobile to connect to Telstra Mobilenet and wanted to know when I was going to get Foxtel. As soon as I mentioned I was with Digiplus he said he wouldn't have bothered to come if he knew that.

Funny. That's what the last rep a few weeks ago said. They obviously don't communicate too well.

Want An Excellent Telco?

I'm with Digiplus, as I mentioned. I get 16.5 cent local calls, national calls capped at $1.49 for a two hour period between 6-12 in the evening (7-12 in the rest of Australia) and if you join with my recommendation we'll both get $10 worth of calls for free. I also get 10 free local calls per month.

Let me know if you are interested. He he.

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