Monday, March 14, 2005

How Serious Is The AFL About Regional Areas?

For those teams that suffered defeat during the Wizard Cup Pre-season competition, they had to partake in regional area matches. I'll give you a quick rundown of some of the matches held last weekend and you can make up your own mind about how "regional" they were:

St Kilda - played at Moorabin Oval (Anybody remember St Kilda's former homeground?)
Pt Adelaide - played at AAMI Stadium (I guess Adelaide will always be considered to be a regional area)
Essendon - played at Bendigo (I wonder where the Bombers' VFL affiliation, the Bendigo Bombers, play their home games?)

Doesn't sound too regional for my liking. You would have thought that Kalgoorlie, Mt Gambier, Renmark, Albury, Swan Hill, Shepparton or Wagga Wagga were more regional and that the games should have been there.

I haven't been too critical of the AFL but stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes.


Nick Souter said...

not making excuses for losing are you? Go bluebaggers! An AFL footy match in Mt Gambier would be unreal! (if I still lived there!)

Hammy said...

Well, the Socceroos are going to be playing Indonesia at Subi Oval soon, and Perth is almost considered regional. Should be good if I can go.