Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Is World War III Imminent?

All this talk about Iraq, Iran and Nth Korea being places where World War III could break out seem incorrect. I have it on good authority, firstly from the Nicksouter Blogspot and today Dr Keith Souter was on Sunrise, Channel 7, and I believe he proclaimed much the same. I didn't see it as Spiderman came on at that time.

Obviously the Souters have this sewn up and so there is no point in researching this issue further.

Dancing With The Stars

I admit it. We watch the show. Yu-Jin always comments on how nice the dresses are. I would be a little bit worried about him if he was older. Miky loves the dancing, and the dresses, and I'm just adding my support. Hmmmm.

There was some dancing last night that was truly magical. Not by any of the celebrities fighting it out for the title mind you. It was backstage with Sonia Kruger, in her lovely low-cut black dress, and she did a jiggle for all of a second and a half. She would have scored well with me.


James said...

You are lucky Miky doesn't read your Blog, aren't you.

Hammy said...

She was there when I mentioned it originally. I made lovely comments about the dress. And the cleavage shots that they pack into that program.