Thursday, March 31, 2005

Does Angus Young Have Dandruff?

This morning on Triple J, Jay and the Doctor wished Angus Young, of AC/DC fame, a happy 50th birthday. Angus was perhaps best known for his head-banging actions whilst strumming his guitar.

I wondered, as I often do when my mind starts to wander, does Angus Young have dandruff? Shaking his head so often must make it very difficult for the dandruff to keep a grip on his scalp. I know when I shake my frizz it is like a snow storm. Does head-banging stop the occurence of dandruff?

On the other hand, is the brain damage suffered as a result of over-zealous head-banging, worth the effort? Brain damage comes a distant second in which condition I would rather suffer from.

If you have severe enough brain damage perhaps you don't suffer at all. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Cop Out

So Mr Nicholas Souter has decided to stop blogging again. I know that his head will explode due to the build up of crap and lack of an outlet. If he was to use his blog to demonstrate his creative juices more often, i.e. show us his cartoons, then I wouldn't be so heartbroken. Sob, sob.

Don't do it Nick. You'll suffer some sort of aneurysm and end up like Terri Schiavo. Oh, the humanity.


Nick Souter said...

Yes Hammy, I know I need that outlet! But that's precisely the thing that stuffs me up! I want to concentrate on my actual writing projects that my uni lecturers and others keep pushing me to do, instead I keep going back to the blog. I've gotta take drastic measures I'm afraid to force myself to finish these projects! But don't worry, I'll still be hanging shit on your comments section!

lori said...


call it a hiatus :)

put up a postcard "gone to florida" and get back blogging when you're done doing the study thing.

Hammy said...

Looking forward to receiving your comments, Nicholas-the-squash-champion-by-mistake. You shall not be spared the sword.

I see that you have put a picture in your profile Lori. Free from M and out of hiding? He he.

lori said...

i think.. i should remove that picture i forgot it was there. :P

and "ha" no it's not "i'm free and available boys!"