Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Weird Weather

Yesterday was pretty warm. The temp got to 36.7 degrees C and it was quite humid. The hottest part of the day was when I took the second tour at Fremantle Prison and most of the tour was outside of the buildings.

This morning I went for a ride and was confronted with fog. Yeah, those low flying clouds and it was a weird feeling. On the return part of the trip the fog had pretty much disapated but on the way to work just now I noticed that the city was nearly covered in fog. It looked a bit like the smoke pall that hung over New York City on September the 11th. Not quite as black however.

Still Maintaining Some Frugality

I know there are some of you who will be surprised that I spent money to tour a prison but Miky did have a student card that was still valid. So we didn't pay full price. It was $7.50 for Yu-Jin though.

What's Wrong With "4WD"?

Another Yankee term is infiltrating our language. It is "SUV" - special utility vehicle. And I hate it.

For starters, utility is a vehicle that has a tray back and a cabin at the front. Australians invented it and now the Yanks have decided to butcher the term.
Secondly, what is so special about it? Does it do anything special? Do it guzzle more "gas" than other vehicles?

Volvo are advertising "the SUV of the Year". Either it is a 4WD or an ordinary vehicle. Cut the bullshit and quit buggerising about with our language with useless, meaningless terminology.

Guess that is my bitch for the day.

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