Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ken's Big Day Out

Ken, one of our sales guys, decided to get us all together for a day baoting on the river. Miky took a sea sickness tablet before venturing out on the boat and Ken was a bit too wild for her liking. I had to hang on to Yu-Jin as tightly as possible as we jumped waves and changed directions quite quickly. Ken enjoyed himself. It was a lovely sunny day down at Deep Water Point in Mt Pleasant, which isn't too far from our place.

Doughnuts at Ken's Big Day Out

Yu-Jin had a great time. He collected lots of shells, chased some fish that came right up to the shore and had to dodge the jellyfish. The river is very salty and lots of sea creatures appear. He spent most of his time thrashing about in the water.

Yu-Jin enjoyed himself

Ken brought some doughnuts and some skis. We didn't stick around long enough to see any skiing and judging by how much people were bumped about in the doughnuts I decided that it wasn't a good idea for me to try it out. We brought heaps of food for a BBQ but there was only one in the park and it was so far away from where we had set up camp. I didn't want to stand there by myself and cook so we went home and cooked our BBQ on the gas top. Yu-Jin wasn't happy about leaving but he was sound asleep before we reached the highway and he slept for the next three hours. Just long enough for me so that I was unable to get a haircut.

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