Monday, March 21, 2005

Free The Refugees!

And keep those queue-jumping infidels in the detention centres. To some degree I agree with the United Nations when it comes to refugee status. If you leave your country fearing persecution for whatever reason, ala Christopher Skase, then you can claim asylum as a refugee in the next country that you land in. People that come from overseas, e.g. Afghanistan, stop over in Iraq for lunch, head to Turkey for coffee, take a slow boat to Indonesia for a surfing holiday and then head to Australia - well, they, by definition, aren't refugees. Most likely they aren't terrorists either.

The real terrorists, if there are any in the detention centres, wouldn't be jumping up and down asking for their case to be heard and drawing attention to themselves.

The way that the detention centres are run doesn't seem too hospitable but think about it - is the Government going to privatise them so we see The Hyatt Detention Centre, The Sheraton Detention Centre, etc? What does the term "detention" conjure images of? That's right, people being punished. If you are not a refugee, and do not have a valid visa to enter Australia then you are not obeying the laws of this country. Bad people, sit in the corner.

Granted, living conditions shouldn't be as bad as those of our worst criminals but our worst criminals wouldn't put up with current conditions that the people in detention centres do.

The easy way out is claim to be a Christian. I have heard this morning that refugees having converted to Christianity are set for release. However, this is debunked in this article. Religion has got nothing to do with how acceptable someone is to enter Australia and even less to do with their refugee status. Perhaps they wouldn't be allowed back into their own country due to religious persecution because of their new-found faith.

Give them six months after entering as new-Aussies and they will join the ranks of the lapsed Catholics. Just you wait and see.

I would rather stay in the detention centre than convert to Christianity. Perhaps indefinite detention does drive you mad. And you know that these refugees don't mind the self-harm tack. I guess instead of sewing their lips together they'll be nailing themselves to crosses now.

Everybody is looking for a loophole to exploit the system.

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