Friday, March 04, 2005

The Fitness Regime Is Paying Dividends

Since rejoining the sporting fraternity last Friday night by taking up squash, I have lost 1kg. Amazingly, in the week since I started again, I have had two days where I could hardly move, three days of painful hobbling and two days of relatively free movement. All due to my calf injury.

Gone have the morning bike rides, although I did ride yesterday, and the occasional evening walks. I've done bugger all for myself in the past week and still lost weight! Miky says that as soon as I start playing sport again the weight will come back. She is so supportive. Perhaps that was because I told her in the morning and she isn't a morning person.

Apologies for any women reading this who put on weight just by looking at cake.

I Shit You Not

Remember Tweety Bird and Sylvester the cat? Sylvester was always chasing Tweety trying to eat him.

Well, last night we were driving to the shopping centre when I notice a car, on the other side of the road, with the rego "1TWEETY". I shit you not, the car that was behind it had the rego "KITTIE".

Remember Granny always saying, "Bad kittie!" or am I just thinking a little bit too laterally?


hammysmum said...

What is this putting on weight just looking at cake bizzo? I can do it by looking at LETTUCE!!!
Saw a number plate this arvo, which took me 30 seconds to work out. Old car, male driver, LDZ MAN.

Nick Souter said...

What a coincidence that you mentioned squash on that last post, coz i just happened to include you and a certain squash adventure we had in my latest post on my blog! (What? You didn't know I had a blog?) and by the way, the second to last picture of your portrait suits you in a strangely haunting kind of way, you haven't got any German in your blood have you? (Are German's good at stats?)

Hammy said...

Einstein was a German pretty good at maths - probably stats as well.