Thursday, March 03, 2005

Shame File Number 3

Idiot number 3 on my list. It's a notorious intersection, that of Centenary Ave and the offramp from Leach Highway. The Leach Highway exiters get a great run through the lights but so many of the bastards block the intersection, as it is two lanes converging into one (extra points to the road planners here), but when you sit at the lights you can tell when they change colour.

This morning some young punk in his red Mazda6, rego 1BNA979, decided to run the red light, at 7:35 am, and it had already gone green for myself. It makes my blood boil that people are that impatient and obviously they are not being taught to drive correctly.

Voluntary Student Unionism

When the Coalition, let's face it - the Government does consist of Liberals and Nationals, gets the majority in both houses of Parliament, some six months after the election mind you, they will abolish compulsorary student unionism at universities. I can hear all of the commie whinging bastards now about how the Liberals will be ruining education further. Sure, some services will be cut because students will leave the student union in droves and funding will be severely restricted.

Why do they need the funding? Is it to provide meaningful services or to add to the life of a uni student and their extra-curricular activities?

The student demographic has changed markedly. Almost half of the students these days are mature-entry and they have families to support and mortgages to pay. What need for subsidised drinking tours and beach volleyball do they have? I see that the student union has almost become irrelavent. Oh, but there is the argument that if you don't agree with something the lecturer has done in relation to marking your work and you are too scared to confront them that the union can do your bidding for you.

Grow up. If you are at uni you are an adult and you should be man, or woman, enough to be able to confront them. If you can't talk face to face with a lecturer about a disagreement how on earth are you going to survive in the real world? It's dog eat dog out there and you need the skills to be able to operate in it. It's not primary school anymore.

Bugger the student union. I didn't see too many benefits during my time at uni and I had to pay the fee in my last year. If they can't provide a decent service that people wish to pay for then they don't deserve to exist.

Twist To "You've Got Mail"

I have a post office box as it keeps my mail dry and safe from anybody pinching it. I can also receive it at whatever time I like. Now there is an interesting twist to the phrase "You've got mail". My box is up for renewal and they have asked if I would like to be notified by email when I have mail. What a great idea. Maybe it will cut down on the bike rides to the post office in the mornings though.

I did ride this morning, first time since jiggering up my calf, and it didn't bother me too much. Don't think I'll play tomorrow, just to be safe. The competitive fire still burns and I am likely to reinjure myself if I come back too early. Watch out when I do make it back on the court. Has it really been 12 years since I played squash last?


hammysmum said...

Some Mother's do 'ave 'em! I just hope you don't have to play beyond your fitness level next time. The male ego is dangerous when in full flight. I'm SOO glad I'm a woman!

Hammysmum said...

These yuppies who drive these upmarket cars, and think the roads are there own privet freeways, have obviously NOY been brought up with any thought for other hunam beings at all. I know it is a cliche, but if they were taught that the universe does not revolve around them, then maybe we would not have so much strife and wars etc, in the world. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!!

Hammy said...

The quicker the Yuppies are obliterated from this planet the better.