Sunday, March 27, 2005

Australia's Greatest Tipster?

I was thinking about posting something about being the greatest tipster in Australia when it came to Aussie Rules Football. I've joined the AFL's tipping competition and the first match of the round was the margin game. I picked Brisbane by 20 points and they got up by 23 so I thought that I must almost be leading all of Australia!!

Following the next three matches I've only picked up one more win so I guess I have joined the also-rans?

Why Is It Good Friday?

Bill almost finished the paving on Friday but we ran out of sand. We needed another trailer-load and do you think anybody was open? What is so good about Good Friday if you can't finish your paving because no shops are open?

Go on, tell me I'm missing the point.

It's Just Not Football

Or maybe it is. Nick Riewoldt, St Kilda's captain, injured his shoulder (cracked his collar bone in fact) and stayed on the field. Two Brisbane Lions players then made their physical presence known by bumping him near his shoulder.

When somebody gets hurt on the football field it is a disgrace to see them targetted. That was ugly football and the Brisbane players involved should be ashamed of themselves and their conduct. Or misconduct. It is not something you wish to see and it wasn't sporting.

On the other hand, whilst watching this I felt that if Riewoldt was injured he must go off the ground. His refusal to do so meant that he was fair game. Sure, the incident was sickening, but the Brisbane players wouldn't have any idea of the extent of the injury. Football is a man's game and it is men who play it (Sorry ladies, not trying to be sexist). If you take the field and are unfit you will be found out and targetted. I don't condemn the Brisbane players for that.

It was ugly and unfortunate and the tribunal hearing and outcome for the first week of the premiership season will be the most interesting aspect of round one. Isn't it great that the footy is back?

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