Wednesday, March 09, 2005

From Boo Hoo To Woo Hoo!

I mentioned previously the case of a Chinese woman, Cui Yu Hu (pronounce Choo Yoo Hoo), aged 104 who was facing deportation. The Australian government has backed down and are now allowing her to stay. Methinks it was just a ploy to keep Amanda Vanstone's name in the media - any publicity is good publicity.

So, in particular low brow comedic fashion, I guess that Cui Yu Hu has gone from boo hoo to woo hoo and yahoo! She can continue to live in Australia and yell out "Yoo hoo" to her neighbours. We can all be glad that we don't have to say "hoo roo" and "toodaloo" to Cui.



Nick Souter said...

I don't think it was a publicity stunt, although it is a similar kind of media stunt. I think that immigration had no choice but to stick by the rules, even though they knew it was a stupid situation, but because the media gets hold of it and everyone in Australia is waiting to see what happens, immigration has to show that they are not going to back down otherwise they'll get every man and his dog coming up to them saying "Well what about my 123 year old great aunt with only one leg living in Siberia..." So standard practise apllies, show the public that you're sticking to the rules, then at the last minute create an intervention through the government, that way there are no repurcussions, the rules don't need to be changed, immigration isn't held responsible for anything, the media can't get too carried away with any follow-up stories, and everyone is happy.

Hammy said...

I think that Amanada Vanstone just loves to have her face in the media. She must feel that she is a potential leader for the Liberal Party at some stage.