Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Yu-Jin's Party Preparations

Yo, everything is aiming towards readiness for Yu-Jin's fourth birthday party. His birthday is on Friday but he is having a McDonald's Party on Saturday. We've been to a couple of these for his friends and it doesn't seem to be a bad way of having a party. The catering is taken care of and there is a playground for the kids to enjoy after their junk food.

Last night I received another phone call for one of Yu-Jin's friends who will be attending and at that stage there were more girls than boys coming. It did even itself up and I bumped into another parent this morning who will bring both of his kids. That makes four boys and four girls coming. Hopefully it will be a good afternoon not spoilt by tears and tantrums. I expect to see a bit of huffiness. And it may not come from Yu-Jin either.

Miky was too worried about the catering and she doesn't need to be bothered by the trouble at this stage. Our house is a little too small to be inviting hordes of kids around. Looks like I will be typing up her assignment tonight. Shouldn't be difficult - I wrote plenty of it!! Ha ha. Let you know how it goes.

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