Sunday, April 04, 2004

A Few Small Matters

Minties are having a competition to design the cartoons on the next wrapper. My man Nick Souter has a cool Website and it's mainly about cartoons. Some time ago I said, on Nick's comments area, that the current cartoonist was an absolute disgrace. Gee, Nick's Website must have some reach for this guy to be fighting for his job. Go Nick!!

They say that men are stuck in their ways. I don't know about you but I can see why. Let's take the small example of folding socks. I have only been close enough to about three women in my life to know how they fold socks. My mum, one of my aunties, and my wife. Let me give you the lowdown - none of them do it the same way. And they are adamant that their method is the ONLY method. And we men are stuck in our ways? It must be a safety issue. Just do it one way so that the woman you are closest to doesn't get upset and nobody gets hurt.

Not everyone suffers from mental illness. I have seen people who can't stop laughing and have mental problems. They don't seem to be suffering too much. Enjoying it too much probably.

What is with American Idol? The poor buggers get one minute, yes, ONE MINUTE, to do justice to a song. Australian Idol let them sing the whole song, you know, three minutes worth at least. Is this because the attention span of American TV viewers is so short? Or is it because longer songs would get in the way of advertising? Dunno personally. But I think that those Americans with longer attention spans are the ones who can concentrate on something for the WHOLE minute.

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