Saturday, April 03, 2004

Fashion Show

Did some shopping in the city today. We usually go to McDonalds as well - Yu-Jin likes the free toy with his Happy Meal (TM). Took him in to Toys 'R Us to see what he would like for his birthday. I explained to him that he could look at the toys so we knew what to get him but that we weren't buying anything today. Worked alright for a while but ended up in tears.

As we were leaving Miky noticed that it was 1:30 and there was a fashion show on in the city that she was very interested in seeing. Yu-Jin actually watched it in silence except for a few questions. Maybe it was the loud music that caught his attention.

Luckily I spotted a friend from uni and didn't have to stay for the whole time.

So there we were. The three of us.

The Fashion Designer - Miky
The Fashion Critic - Yu-Jin (he's very fussy about what he wears)
The Fashion Disaster - Me

Need I say more?

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