Monday, April 12, 2004

Shopping Trolley Advertising

Something struck me while riding my bike yesterday. And no, it wasn't a car or an insect. I saw a shopping trolley and it had an advertising board on it which said, "It pays to advertise. Why don't you?"

It got me thinking. How accurate is the target marketing on shopping trolleys ads? Generally the ads are for businesses within the shopping centre where the trolley normally resides. I tend to think that this is a very narrow view. You see shopping trolleys abandoned in the streets all the time. They could be used to advertise for local businesses in the area where they are abandoned. What about aquatic sports such as swimming, canoeing or kayaking? How many shopping trolleys have you seen in the vicinity of the river? That would be remarkably well targeted marketing.

I could go on. But I am suffering from a bit of a brain fade and so I won't bother.

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